Cassville Marketing Is Proud To Sponsor Skyler Cromwell

Skyler Cromwell

Skyler Cromwell

If you ever find yourself in his neighborhood, chances are you will see Skyler Cromwell riding his skateboard. When he was 5 years old, he received his first skateboard as a Christmas gift. Skyler is 9 year old now, and has a dream to become a professional skateboarder.

Today Cassville Marketing is proud to announce that we have become Skyler’s Silver Sponsor. We wish him much success and will be following his progress with a great interest. Besides being Skyler’s Silver Sponsor, Cassville Marketing is also managing Skyler’s recently launched website.

If you are interested to follow Skyler’s progress, you can also follow him on Facebook:

Consider bookmarking our blog as we will be writing in our upcoming posts about use of the Internet and Social Media websites to help your children to achieve their dreams.

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