Does My Business Need A Website?

WebsiteYou are not the first to ask yourself this question! You are probably not the last one to ask this question either….

Many small business owners have been asking this question over and over again. Do I, or my business, really need a website? This question is understandable. Especially if the nature of your business is not closely related to the internet. Let say you are a landscaper. Not only you might think that website will not make a huge difference to your bottom line, but you simply do not have time to manage a website even if you had one. Maybe you have been told that owning a website actually costs lots of money on a monthly basis and are not quiet sure it is worth your investment.

No matter what your reasoning is against owning a website, it is most likely misguided. Operating a business website does not need to be expensive nor time consuming. Today you can start a website for as little as $5 a month and spend as little as on hour a week working on your website. You probably spend more money on your business cards than a basic website costs. As far as time goes, if finding an hour or 30 minutes to work on your website is a problem, you can outsource this task to companies like Cassville Marketing.

Don’t also be scared by some who say that you need to have the knowledge of HTML or other programing in order to create a successful website. While those do come handy, today you can launch and operate a website without ever needing any programing skills. There are many publishing platforms (think of them as computer programs), that allow you to quickly and efficiently build your own websites. We will talk about those in our future posts.

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