Superior Logistics and Warehousing

Superior Logistics and Warehousing in Buffalo, NY. Superior Logistics and Warehousing with a prime location just minutes away from US/Canada border crossing (Peace Bridge, Buffalo NY) is poised to become a leading warehousing and distribution facility in the city of Buffalo.

With over 40 years of experience Superior Logistics paramount goal is their dedication to detail and to meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations. Superior Logistics guarantees great attention to service and commitment to operate safely.

Following are few services that you can count on when using Superior Logistics and Warehousing:

Cross Border Services
Superior Logistics and Warehousing are proud to have qualified for and received approval from both Canada Customs & Revenue Agency and Department of Homeland Security, US. Customs and Border Protection.

Pick and Pack Services
Superior Logistics Pick and Pack operation begins with catalog and literature order processing – including credit card and check handling – backed by a comprehensive product management process. This process includes product return handling, warranty tracking, stock alert reports and friendly customer service personnel around the clock. This combination of electronic data management and personal service ensures the most reliable and efficient direct order fulfillment system possible.

Consolidation Services
Superior Warehousing ‘s Consolidation services can improve the efficiency of your supply chain by eliminating delays and reducing costs associated with shipping and warehouse storage. Take advantage of our network of strategically placed and highly efficient service centers, the latest in technology, and an experienced and caring workforce to create strategic, cost-effective solutions that meet your individual requirements.

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